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Perspectives Lyrics

JR JR – Perspectives Lyrics

Think if you become fully aware
Existng in a cigarre store near the restaurant
I think we'll just blow your brains out
I mean this is as just as much reality we perceive
In cigarre stores ...
What do you think?
You see,I think that there's nothing more real
...I think thast there's nothing different in a certain way
Because reality is,is uniform
So if your perceptions,I mean your
Mechanism is operating correctly
It would become irrevelant to go to Mount Everest
It sort of absurd because
I mean of course, it's obviously that it is very different from a cigarre store
I mean...The prime thing is that the peop-le can't see the cigar store
I mean things don't affect people the way they used to
We may very well be there
10 years from now we'll pay 10 000 dollars cash
Just no to be affected by something
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