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JR JR – Curtain Call Lyrics

(feat. Asher Roth)

Body moving and grooving put your body into it
Found a tube and find a ...that you got it
Desing to lose ..but probbaly do it ...
Llooking like I pay the fool
Give a shut, afraid to lose
Black shut, coming out here, you're mad
Nit only the happiest, way you move this side to blue
And if you out of blues determinate and attitude
You'll be that under, you got a pussy got a ..
Listen teh Caroline, this Carolina got a ...
You know what you face the green
...must do this, must do the shit
Excuse me while I get the feeling
I'm a leader like a cheater in that leader zipper
Pard me when I'll be with all tha ..
What you give up in that ...
..with a ..and make a banz ..with a panaroma
Take advantaje til I gte it ...
I'll be hanging for a ..well I can do a ...
Here's the man, he will smash and they do no offence
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